FIFA 18: Patrick Vieira, the best DCM in Franchise History

It is inside the icons of the last football game of EA Sports and has three versions. Want to know more? Keep reading guys!


The arrival of icons to FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4 - already existed on Xbox - gave Ultimate Team users a new range of possibilities in the search for the ideal team, or at least the most competitive one. When the first images appeared, they all focused on Maradona, Pelé, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo and, although they are really impressive, the professionals maintain that there is an indispensable player, one of those with little marketing: it is Patrick Vieira.

"He is the best defensive central midfielder (MCD) of the entire history of the game", said Nicolás Mejía, a player at Furious Gaming and participant in this year's American regional, qualifier for the last World Cup in London. "It's like having three players in one. I do not have it, but I would love it. I used it in Fut Draft and it's tremendous", said Mauro Sironi, champion of the first FIFA League 17 of TyC Sports.


There are three versions of the European footballer: one of 86 rating, another of 88 and a last of 91, which still does not appear in the market. The first costs around 1.3 million FUT 18 coins, while the second round costs 2 million. An amount that can reach those who break it in FIFA and/or those who use the credit card. Of course there are also people lucky enough to take it out in an envelope.

What does Vieira have to be so good and so chosen? The first two versions are quite similar, but the 88 is faster and has better dribbling. But his strongest point is in the physical and, obviously, in the brand. Both cards total 86 defense and 89 physics. In the first point stand out the 90 in interceptions and standing tackle, while in the second both stamina and strength do not fall below 85.

On the other hand, it is really fast and agile for its height. The 1.92 also makes it a winning machine from above. "He hits him like Pogba, he recovers more than Kante and he makes the rest play like Redondo, but with a better physique than everyone", said Sironi. Meanwhile, Diego Gonzalez, who played the second TyC Sports League and last month culminated Fut Champions with 145-15, said: "Cut everything. Being so long with a tackle reaches places that others do not. It is an improved Kante of two meters. It is nonnegotiable in my team. I use the 88 for speed". 



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